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Amaze Me Leader 2018 - get ready for an amazing adventure in Dumfries & Galloway Scotland!

Saimme määräaikaan 25.5. mennessä runsaasti hakemuksia, myös Piällysmies -alueen ulkopuolelta. AML2018 täydennyshaku jatkuu - ota rohkeasti yhteyttä LEADER-yhdistykseen ja täytä AML-hakemus täällä!

Otamme yhteyttä kaikkiin hakijoihin viikolla 22-23!

Suomeksi tietoa sivun alaosassa! - Scroll down for information in Finnish!

Amaze Me Leader 2018 is an international adventure road-trip for young people from 18 to 29 years of age. The adventure takes place on 5th - 12th of August 2018.

Amaze Me Leader is organized like TV-format Amazing Race but without competition; participants are divided in teams, they get a car and LEADER-tasks for the day. The idea is that they are representing a Leader Action Group from their own area.

AML will provide young people an excellent opportunity to be part of an active group of 60 young people who want to learn new skills, improve cultural competence, gain understanding of rural communities, businesses and what can be achieved with LEADER funding. Amaze Me Leader provides a springboard to highlight and to promote the value and contribution that young people can make to the development of the economic, social and environmental sustainability of our rural communities.

Five LEADER local action groups from Finland with Scottish partner Dumfries & Galloway LEADER and XAMK Oy will provide an unforgettable event with international contacts during AML for 20 young people from their LAG areas. Alltogether D&G Leader will host 60 young people age 18-30 from across Europe as part of this year’s week-long Amaze Me LEADER event.

Applicants, please note the program includes three separate events you should be available to participate:

  1. Training weekend 16.-17.6.2018 where the group of participants will meet, will be given the basic understanding of LEADER activities and tools to make notes and generate ideas to be reflected and processed during the adventure seminar in Scotland.
  2. AML Event in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland 5.-12.8.2018
  3. Post-seminar (September, date to be determined) to spread your ideas & experiences, to report of what you learned along the way, and learn about processing ideas to Leader projects.

Registration fee for young people is 100 eur. The costs of travelling, accommodation and meals are covered by LEADER project funding. Participants will need basic camping equipment, passport, own insurances, English skills and an open & positive mindset, and the possibility to commit the program including the above mentioned events.

You are eligible to apply if you live in the areas of LEADER local action groups of Piällysmies ry, Finland (coordinator),Veej'jakaja ry, Rajupusu Leader ry, Leader Länsi-Saimaa ry and Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu ry.

For additional information, please contact:

Piällysmies ry / LEADER Piällysmies

Sini Yläsaari

tel. +358 44 976 6880

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